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Collating data

One of our main activities is to study herbarium specimens and to collate all records of them with those of fresh material and those from historic references. We are working towards eventual production of a species checklist for Surrey. A number of indoor meetings are being held to discuss technical aspects of this project. We will cooperate closely with the Surrey Biodiversity Information Centre, Pirbright.

Working closely with the Mycology Section, RBG Kew 

Aseroe rubra, Esher Common 2007 © R. Tantram

The Group is hosted by Kew. Rare or unusual fungi, or others of special interest, will be deposited at its Fungarium, which is UK’s national collection of fungi.

Forays and site visits 

A small number of forays will be held per year, some jointly with the other natural history societies and fungus recording groups which operate in Surrey. Only two are planned in 2012.
The forays are open to group members only.
     We visit various sites throughout the year for fungal recording, mostly by one person or two. We will concentrate on sites where mycologists have not or only rarely visited. Any potential member would be welcome to join us at one of our site visits.
     Our records will be entered into our own database and will be fed into the national database held by the British Mycological Society,
the Fungal Records Database of Britain and Ireland (FRDBI).

[FRDBI] http://www.fieldmycology.net/FRDBI/FRDBI.asp


Several small ad-hoc workshops have been held among the members on
various themes e.g. taxonomy, publication and technical aspects of databasing.
Further workshops may be organised during 2013 – watch this space!

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